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SysView is a Java application to help Linux System Administrators "see" Linux Configuration Files, directories and kernel parameters.


A Linux System Administrator must have apriori knowledge of all aspects that need administration/configuration. This is not a trivial undertaking. Even if the Administrator has adequate knowledge, that person has to manually navigate through the directory structure and browse the relevant files.

SysView will help in both knowledge and navigation of Linux System Administration related configuration files.

SysView will be bundled with a configuration file that will contain information about several other configuration files. SysView will also have the capability to search for configuration files with standard names in standard directories for such files. SysView will have a Graphical User Interface to allow for convenient navigation and viewing of the configuration files.

Final Vision

The initial form of SysView needs a hand crafted configuration file. Maintenance of such a file by a small group of developers is not scalable with respect to the ever increasing number of open source applications. To solve this problem, during application/module installation, the module "registers" itself in the appropriate category with SysView. This enables applications to self classify them in the SysView configuration file and makes the task of maintaining the SysView configuration file scalable I am currently not envisioning SysView to take on the role of system configuration.

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Download SysView. It is currently in beta release. I will be releasing SysView at least once a day till end of Aug 2004. Each release will contain some more configuration files listed and classified.
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